Raising Arizona - Joel Coen

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Raising Arizona - Joel Coen
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Raising Arizona

Joel Coen

Genre: Comedy

Price: $4.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 13, 1987

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Vowing to go straight, a recidivist convenience store bandit H.I. (Nicolas Cage) proposes marriage to police department photographer Ed (Holly Hunter), whom he's come to know quite well after so many trips to jail. All is wedded bliss for the unlikely couple until they discover she's unable to get pregnant. Turned down by every adoption agency in town thanks to H.I.'s rowdy past, it does not take long before they realize the only solution--kidnap one of the town's celebrated "Arizona Quintuplets" and hit the road! But the road is never smooth, and soon H.I.'s convict friends, his greedy boss and a ruthless motorcycle-riding bounty hunter become involved in the scheme to possess the famous baby.

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