Melora Walters ('Helen Coltrane')

William Mapother ('Darryl Coltrane')

Johanna E. Braddy ('Lenore Coltrane')

Sofia Vassilieva ('Sarah Parsons')

Jackson Rathbone ('Conrad Coltrane')

Ava Gaudet ('Elise Montoya')


Barbara Stepansky (Director / Co-Writer)

Eduardo Levy (Producer)

James Martin (Producer)

Alison Lea Bingeman (Co-Writer)

Ralph Kaechele (Director of Photography)

Nikolette Orlandou (Line Producer)

Scott Enge (Production Designer)

Michelle Lynette Bush (Costume Designer)

David Julyan (Composer)

Dana Niu (Composer)

Rita DaSilva (Editor)



Scott received his bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech, where he minored in Building Construction and Industrial Design. During that time he also worked on homes as a carpenter, doing everything from foundations and framing, to roofing and finishing. His ten-year career in architecture and home construction culminated in a forty five hundred square foot custom home in northeast Pennsylvania, which he designed, drew the blueprints, and oversaw the construction. After the completion of the yearlong project, Scott moved to Los Angeles, where he's been working as a Production Designer ever since. Over the past few years, Scott has designed and built sets for several feature films, shorts, commercials, music videos, and television series, among which the TV hit series NUMB3RS.

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