Melora Walters ('Helen Coltrane')

William Mapother ('Darryl Coltrane')

Johanna E. Braddy ('Lenore Coltrane')

Sofia Vassilieva ('Sarah Parsons')

Jackson Rathbone ('Conrad Coltrane')

Ava Gaudet ('Elise Montoya')


Barbara Stepansky (Director / Co-Writer)

Eduardo Levy (Producer)

James Martin (Producer)

Alison Lea Bingeman (Co-Writer)

Ralph Kaechele (Director of Photography)

Nikolette Orlandou (Line Producer)

Scott Enge (Production Designer)

Michelle Lynette Bush (Costume Designer)

David Julyan (Composer)

Dana Niu (Composer)

Rita DaSilva (Editor)



David Julyan is one of the most sought after composers working nowadays. David often collaborates with Director Christopher Nolan, scoring Nolan’s following, Memento, insomnia and the prestige. Other scores include rory o’shea was here, the descent and outlaw, among other films.

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